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tv   [untitled]    June 30, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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it's not just music. it's saving lives and i just want to please like -- please we don't need anymore budget cuts and that's pretty much it for me. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> good afternoon. thank you for this opportunity to speak with you. my name is peter demeris. i'm a volunteer and serve on the board for the st. francis living room on golden gate avenue in the heart of the tenderloin. st. francis living room monday through friday provides hot nutritious breakfast, activities and a place to congregate off the streets for the elderly poor of the tenderloin. we serve about 100 clients each day and the numbers keep growing. we are a secular organization governed by a board of directors that
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volunteer, a volunteer board and financial officers. volunteers serve our clients each and everyday. we have two part time employees that assist us. these employees like those before them are economically disadvantaged individuals who are graduates of the st. anthony's recovery program. our annual budget is approximately $100,000 of which only $41,000 is paid in salaries. st. francis living room is very efficient in the riewses of funds because it focuses on volunteers. we provide a lot for people in need and do a lot with the dollars we receive from the city. the st. francis living room contract will exspire june 30. we didn't make a submittal for a new contract and funding will cease july 1. we respectfully
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request that you consider the plight of the people that we use and use your discretion to restore funding. we need $78,000 a year to survive. thank you for your help. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> i am eric booker and the manager of st. francis living room. like peter was saying we do need your help because we have 100 people we feed on a daily basis and [inaudible] some barely walk and in wheelchairs and safe environment for them. we help them with clothing. we help them with shower information. we counsel things that really need you guys' help on and without the help from the city we won't be able to stay open. guys look forward --
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everyday, monday through friday and get a nutritious meal and do stuff and we show them love and i appreciate if you all can really, really, really put in your hearts to keep us -- to keep this funding going on for these guys because they really need it. thank you all. >> thank you. >> hi i am edmund larry and want to show you a couple of fliers and what is coming up this sunday at the african-american complex banking on health and journey from green wood about the black wallstreet and then on monday the 24th the san francisco international faith council is having a talk on racial profiling in the 21st
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century. prolaris society. you can call the san francisco international faith community, but being here today something i heard a lot about being young, gay, old, gay, black -- so many different diversity of san francisco i think this budget it covers us all, and just like -- i know that in the sro in district 6 we don't have representation for violence, bullying, the way that other districts have it because like -- i want -- i will put -- just to show you this monday i'm going to be in court at 10:00 a.m. at 514 dealing with home phobia racist, bullying right in district 6 where all of the drugs -- often when i hear people talk about young people district 6 has a lot of drugs, young and old. there is a
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relationship between young and old. young have money. old have the drugs. we need to make there there say people's budget along with the mayors and conference and the board of supervisors. i think we should have a three tee budget system and everybody is coming out and concerned should be able to craft a triangle, the mayor, the board of supervisors, and the people because we know what issues we're dealing with and what is left out and i think this would cover everyone. happy summer. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors. i mike with the wrap around project of san francisco general hospital. we work with penetrating traumas, victims that come through the hospital. we try to hook a lot of the victims up with linkages with
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resources around a city and i know that's a program that works because we're able to cut down reentry and recidivism from 15% -- from 30 -- 36% down to 4% and i just ask for the supervisors' support to help with the project at the general hospital. thank you. >> thank you. >> good afternoon board of supervisors. my name is [inaudible] and work with san francisco wrap around project san francisco general hospital. i want to say that the man that just spoke he's a hero. he's saved lives at san francisco general hospital. when there were two rival gang members that come to the hcht because there is a shooting this man stuck his neck out for the public good to negotiate a diplomatic peace agreement on site within 10
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minutes to half an hour and he provides a competency to the hospital that is extremely difficult to provide because he grew up here in the city and he knows the people in the neighborhood. he understands the culture, the streets and he's a public health professional, so we're here today to ask the city and county of san francisco and board of supervisors to support the increase for our budget. we haven't had a increase in four years and we want to thank supervisor john avalos and eric mar and london breed for assisting us and pushing forward our budget ask and we also want to say because of the increase in cost of living that is driving up poverty for a percentage of the city while some are benefiting from it others are forced into dire straits. there is a huge unmet need and we also support
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creating new revenues to fund social services supporting the restoration fund to restore social services before the recession happened. budget cuts translate into violence and people in the jails and people on the street and we have to address the cost of living. otherwise san francisco is just going to turn into manhattan so i want to thank you for your time and have a nice day. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is ken. i'm director of episcopal services and join my colleagues and many of the residents and clients here today in urging you include it, add the funding for health and human services in this year's budget. we're providing today shelter to 535 homeless men and women. we
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are providing supportive how longing to 1,000 formerly homeless men, women and children and we would have served this year 3 million meals and education to homeless and formerly homeless san franciscans. we do this with city funding and private contributions and while we maximize our private funding we haven't been able to off set the 2% increase in city contracts during the course of the past five years. that's 2% during a period when the cpi is increased by more than 12%. it's 2% during a period when ucsf received 16% increase on its city contracts and 2% did little to help our organization meet the 60% increase that we have seen in health care premiums
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and the 160% increase that we have seen in workers' comp. san francisco values business and technology and transportation and public safety but we also have great history with health and human services and i am urging you to find a way in this $8 billion budget -- almost $8 billion budget to include a 4% cost of doing business increase. thank you. >> thank you very much. okay. at this time are there any members of the public that wish to comment today? come on up. >> good afternoon supervisors. i am anggel caand with [inaudible]. i'm actually here representing our youth in soma. we thought this hearing was going to go until later in the afternoon so a lot of them are running here but if they don't make it i just want to remind
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you that last year we spent a lot of time talking to voters informing them about proposition a, b, c and e and a clear mandate to the city for that and we work hard to generate more revenues that is shared equitably across the city's priorities particularly the area that has been hard hit by state and federal tax, the majority which are children, youth and families, so for us we are really saddened that dcyf cut a lot from our district even though our numbers in terms of youth might be declining that doesn't mean their needs are actually declining. according to the budget analyst when he did a city wide analysis and
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according to its report district 6 has the highest poverty per capita of any district in san francisco. this proves that the children and youth of district 6 are the highest need in san francisco. also according to the budget analyst there is -- the total population of san francisco are located in district 6. 5.2 3%. that's about 5600 children in a really small area with high needs so we're here to actually ask to you please support our district 6 youth stakeholders budget that represents different organizations from our upon neighborhood. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is raymond castillo and i also work at [inaudible] the community action network here at district 6. i am here to ask
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you to please support the full budget of the district 6 youth service stakeholder. just to follow up the passage of these propositions was a clear mandate for the city. we work hard collectively to generate more revenue so it could be shared equitably across the city's priorities particularly the areas that hit hard by the state and federal cuts. also according to the budget and legislativeanalyst and it's as was said the number of children were stated and i encourage you give the budget back for district 6. there is more than enough in the budget to meet all of the needs in the community, members and voters by the board of supervisors being diligent and thoughtful and responsible when approving the
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final budget so please invest equally all of san francisco and support district 6's budget. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> good afternoon i am angela and currently attending san francisco state university. i am a product of the youth programs south of market. i help coordinate youth empowering soma and we did see -- like we do have a fluctuation of youth involved in the program. we started with six youth in 2010 and now 2013 we gained 15 more youth from when i started so this program is vital to the community because we see a lot of problems in the community that are not addressed because there is not youth programs that talk about that did because of that i am involved than just this group. i am seeing more programs and trying to figure
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out how to help the your better and i hope you realize there are youth in the community and south of market that are in need of the programs and it's positive factor to be involved because it will help them shape their identities and be part of a successful society in the future so thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> hi good afternoon. my name is maria. i speak little english. [speaking spanish]
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>> good afternoon. i mamary marin. i am speaking on behalf of this group south of market district. if youth programs are cut single mothers like myself have to worry about where the children spend their time when i'm at work or after school activities and most of the youth are low income youth. a lot of them are sro's and i am asking for funding for sro's and asking you put money back in toward the youth. she wants me to say that this part she has written down.
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even with the incredible growth in the mayor's budget and the city has unmet needs the supervisor ask and to make the budget whole. the current proposal is balanced on top of the vulnerable communities, seniors families and people with hiv/aids and others and the impacts impact the entire family city. more homeless on the street, more families can't keep their accessing and youth with access to jobs and health services creates instabilities city wide. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> hello good afternoon supervisor. my name is charm. i am with the after school program and summer program and the after school program in
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betty carmichael educational center south of market and representing the ywca and for the stakeholders. this group has been crucial for the community in terms of supporting immigrant families that are newly arrived and i had the pleasure to check in with a lot of the families and they're really struggling in terms of just having availability of housing, jobs and opportunity are for their children to have a safe place to stay in the programs and i want to reiterate there is more than enough budget to meet all of these needs so we as a community members and voters ask that the board of supervisors be diligent and thoughtful and responsible when approving the final budget and you can't afford to rubber stamp such a critical policy document.
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we must work together to create a budget that helps all san franciscans to be part of the recovery and make san francisco whole and thriving and functioning so please invest by supporting the district 6 budget. thank you very much for listen listening. >> okay. thank you very much. any other members of the public -- if there are members of the public please line up on the far wall and we will get to you. all right. >> hello supervisors. address those on the budget committee today. what incredibly moving stories we have heard over the day. there is so much need in the city and probably now more than ever we have seen one of the highest levels of displacement in san francisco history and surpassing the 2001 bub and he will any of the budgetary elements go toward off setting and supplying and creating because where i see the lack is where we have some
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services and approach towards the disadvantaged in san francisco. we have very little assistance for work force housing. anything that is affordable those making 25 to $60,000 a year and those in the yards are making 15 to 30 if they're lucking and we should look for opportunities of sites that sat dorm at and other areas and probably cost $50,000 to renovate the bunkers for affordable housing until you're finally ready to do development on that site so maybe there are opportunities to look at that but please don't cut the social services and immediately on a planning department side there is a budgetary item that is currently pushing off the community development fees. this plan was implemented during the lowest part in the economy and we have more construction than ever so the current policy that exempts our developers or those fees that policy should be reversed and we will have
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continued input into the funds to support these services. thanks for your time. please support the arts whenever possible in your budgeting decisions today. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i am gabriel and speaking on advocate for more work force development system with folks with barriers of employment and support the providers including jbs, self help for the elderly and many other groups. we appreciate your efforts of the mayor and rhonda simpsons and requesting these funds for development so folks can maintain employment in san francisco. it's critical to fund these programs to enhance the economic stability and prosperity of san franciscans so they can compete for the jobs
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and stay in san francisco. metaas you know is a community based local economic development agency. it's located in the mission district of san francisco for nearly 40 years. we have been work to improve social conditions in the neighborhood and stimulating investment and enhancing the business environment and jobs for the residents. it's critical to fund the programs to maintain that. we had a huge displacement of our community in the mission district and all around an fran and it's all over and funding these programs will help keeping programs in san francisco. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> thank you for listening today supervisors. i debbie her man with the health and services network and i am here with the
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nonprofits and here to support the budget enhancement request. this is i group of asks put together by nonprofits, by the people that work for us, by the people that are served for us. there are several different areas. first of all we have been cutting the budgets for years. the economy is coming back and it's time to restore services for the most vulnerable and secondly it's unnecessary to accept a unprecedented two year two cut to determine the services. third, it's a priority to back hill hiv/aids cuts in the budget and it's important to fund a cost of doing business nonprofits who have lost 12% de facto budget cut over the last five years. that money will provide social justice for the workers that need raidses,
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health increases and rent increases and save programs that are threatened by years of flat funding. the money is there. we ask your support to redirect resources and i know there is a list with many ideas where you can find the funding including suspending the budget stabilization reserve and the budget analyst's recommendations. it's not about not having the resources but what we prioritize and we want the riez directed to where they can do the most good. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. any other members of the public that wish to comment at this time? okay. seeing none public comment is closed. colleagues we have a number of items in front of us and we're going to act on a bunch of them. let's take them one by one or in groupings here and go down in order. the first here is a
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hearing for dcyf where ms. sue came earlier today and held off comments and can i have a motion to continue item one until next wednesday. >> so moved. >> mr. chairman the agenda for wednesday has been published. i don't believe i can get that on there. >> mr. city attorney -- >> deputy city attorney job gibner. so you could -- i believe everybody within that hearing could be discussed at part part of the budget when the department comes back. >> okay colleagues let's file this and continue to talk about these items when ms. sue comes before us again. >> that's fine. >> motion to file number one without obsigz. so moved.
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items two and three are the budget so can i have a motion to continue to monday the 24. we do so without opposition. so moved. items number four and five regarding treasure island development authority and the office of community investment infrastructure and continue those to wednesday the 26. so moved. okay. >> mr. chairman i believe those are not on the agenda for wednesday. i believe those -- >> thursday. my apologize. motion to rescind the vote. okay. so we're going to do it for thursday. >> continue to thursday. >> okay. continue to next thursday. do that without opposition. so moved. item number six and seven have to do with the botanical garden so
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first i know supervisor breed had discussed with rec and park who i believe are here if there are additional questions rec and park introduced a substitute lease as well as substitute ordinance reflecting supervisor breed's comments. we might have a split vote here but could i have a motion to accept the lease. >> has it been amended? >> no. we have accept it now and accept the lease changes as discussed by supervisor breed. okay. do we need a roll call vote on this one? >> [inaudible] >> okay. to amend. okay r. we can do so without opposition. okay. >> i believe these are listed on the wednesday june 6 agenda for next week. if you wish to continue to that date. >> mr. city attorney. >> the committee could act on those today and then they would
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be removed from the agenda or you could continue it to next week. >> all right. i think it is what it is so let's act on it today so on items six and seven. take them as a joint vote. we need a roll call. >> let's do roll call on those. >> on item six and seven. supervisor mar. >> actually i'm going to vote yes on the lease and no on the fees. >> separate it out. >> item number six. supervisor mar. >> aye. >> supervisor avalos. >> [inaudible] >> avalos no. >> supervisor breed. >> aye. >> supervisor wiener. >> aye. >> supervisor farrell. >> aye. >> the motion passes. on motion number seven. supervisor mar. >> no.
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>> supervisor avalos. >> no. >> supervisor breed. >> aye. >> supervisor wiener. >> aye. >> supervisor farrell. >> aye. >> the motion passs. >> to be clear those are forwarded to the full board for the meeting july 16. >> july 16. >> okay. those motions pass. those items pass. item number eight we have some amendments mr. city attorney to item eight. >> yes. john gibner deputy city attorney again. two items that have been requested which the board can take with one vote. one is change out dated references to the art commission to the current name arts commission and the second is to change the type of fund for the war memorial to a category four
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fund which is an interest bearing fund. >> okay. colleagues any questions on those? can i have a motion to accept the amendments. >> so moved. >> so moved. and can i have a motion to move the item to the full board. do so without opposition. okay. item nine. can i have a motion to move it to the full board. >> so moved. >> july 16 without opposition. similar motion number 10 to move to the full board on july 16. >> so moved. >> do so without opposition. >> item 11 similarly we need some amendments mr. city attorney. >> john gibner deputy city attorney again. this is just fixing some section numbers typos. >> okay. colleagues any questions? can i have a motion to amend -- per the city attorney's comments do so without opposition. move item 11 to the full board for july 16 as amended. do so